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Marie-Ève Lacasse

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Escapades of July
The escapades in the Lotbinière, Beauce and Thetford regions continue. It’s your turn to go on an adventure!
Marie-Ève Lacasse June 15, 2019
Short Breaks in Lotbinière, Beauce and Thetford
The regions of Lotbinière, Beauce and Thetford will present suggestions for attractions to visit during the summer and fall to discover each of these regions. Go on an adventure!
Marie-Ève Lacasse May 17, 2019
The 7th edition of the Fest deiz is just around the corner!
Prepare your kilts, your sailor jerseys and your good humor to come and feast in the square of the church of Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly.
Marie-Ève Lacasse May 16, 2019
Announcement of financial support for the Domaine du Radar
Programme de soutien aux stratégies de développement touristique - Tourisme de nature et d'aventure - Le gouvernement du Québec investit plus de 1,4 M$ pour bonifier le tourisme de nature et d'aventure dans la région de la Chaudière-Appalaches
Marie-Ève Lacasse January 21, 2019
The Louis Cyr win the competition selection Caseus on 2018
Winner in the first place on the spécial category «ripened cheese» and the Caseus Longaevie.
Marie-Ève Lacasse November 5, 2018
Promotion 2019
It is now the time to get ready for the season 2019.
Marie-Ève Lacasse November 5, 2018