Sledding and tube sliding

Les Glissades de Lotbinière

Lotbinière • Lotbinière
Glissade de Lotbinière
Les Glissades de Lotbinière

In a few words

In Lotbinière, where two slides that you won't forget are waiting for you, a warm and likable welcome is reserved so your stay is pleasant. A tremendous speed, exciting times and unlimited snow! 213 meters (700 ft.) downhill.


Friday night: on reservation (10 people or more)
Saturday: 11 to 6 PM
Sunday: 11 to 5 PM
Group reservation on weekdays for 30 people or more: 418-796-2879
Spring break: every day from 11 to 5 PM
End of season on March 8th 2015.

Other Information


3 year old and under: Free
4 to 10 year old: 6,00 $
11 year old and older: 7,00 $


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