Rallye historique des Chemins Craig et Gosford

Thetford Mines • Région de Thetford
St-Adrien d'Irlande
Héritage Kinnear's Mills
Circuit de découverte Chemins Craig et Gosford
Circuit de découverte Chemins Craig et Gosford
Table fermière Au Creux du temps passé
Manoir d'Irlande
Manoir d'Irlande
Site patrimonial de Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds
Douceur d'Ange
Site patrimonial de Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds
Site patrimonial Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds
Héritage Kinnear's Mills
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Les chemins Craig et Gosford

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2600, boulevard Frontenac Ouest
Thetford Mines Québec, G6H 2C6
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418 423-3333
1 877 335-7141


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In a few words

A historic rally is offered to you on Craig and Gosford roads. A challenge that will appeal to both young people with its interactive component and seniors with its astonishing content. While traveling the 125 km of the circuit, you will be able, while having fun, to perfect your historical knowledge and to better know our magnificent region.

The discovery circuit offers you a real trip to the heart of the 19th century. As you walk these paths steeped in history, you will witness the rich cultural heritage bequeathed to us by our Scottish, Irish and English ancestors. You can admire landscapes and visit historical sites. This activity is ideal for photography, history and rally enthusiasts!

Download the rally questionnaire from our website and the BaladoDiscovery application for the audio of the rally.