The Destination Why Lotbiniere?

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Top alcohols ideas of the territory

The Lotbinière region has several alcohol producers on its territory. We also have a tourist course dedicated to them. (Alcohol Route). I g…

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top uprising ideas

Discover the favorite places in Lotbinière to practice U-pick or discover the harvest!

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top relaxation ideas

The end of the holidays is at your door, return to work or even back to school? Discover 5 relaxation spots located in the beautiful region…

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Top ideas of autumn flavors

What's more comforting than a hot vegetable soup after a nice fall day playing outside? I have gathered for you, my top 5 places to visit t…

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Top ideas colors autumn

Oh autumn! What a beautiful time. In Lotbinière, this season is no exception. We have beautiful places to visit so you can make the most of…

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Top ideas for gray weather

As we know, in the darker weather, we often turn thumbs to find an idea of ​​activity. So we did this task for you. Here are some ideas tha…

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Top ideas for having a beer with friends!

The Lotbinière MRC is full of excellent places to have a good beer with friends! Keep this list nearby, there are many opportunities to get…

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Top hiking ideas

The Lotbinière MRC offers a variety of panoramas that are very different from each other: the St. Lawrence River, plains or the Appalachian…

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Top ideas for the best poutines in Lotbinière

Poutine is a typical Quebec meal. Although it is characterized by good fries cooked to perfection, a mountain of cream cheese that makes sq…

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Escapades in october

Over the different seasons, the Lotbinière, Beauce and Thetford regions will present suggestions for attractions to visit to discover each …

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Top ideas for picking or buying your pumpkins

Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin tea, ratatouille ... are you getting your mouth watering? Luckily, this is the perfect month to get some…


Créativité au bord du fleuve, dans la municipalité de Sainte-Croix.

#lotbiniere #inukshuk #fleuve #chaudiereappalaches Saviez-vous qu'il ne reste qu'une dizaine de granges octogonales au Québec? Nous avons la chance d'en compter une en Lotbinière, à Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly. 

#lotbiniere #DecouvrirChaqueJour #patrimoine
Quel bonheur de laisser nos yeux et nos oreilles se laisser transporter par un tel spectacle 🙏

#lotbiniere #DecouvrirChaqueJour #cestbeaucheznous
Safran de Lotbinière 🤩


#lotbiniere #DecouvrirChaqueJour #safran #lotbiniere #momentdequietude #automne

📷 Stéphanie Allard
Envie d'une petite crêpe pour emporter de matin? C'est au nouvel emplacement de la Crêperie Du côté de chez Swann que ça se passe! 
📷 Du côté de chez Swann

#lotbiniere #DecouvrirChaqueJour #crepebretonne #dimanchematin