Domaine du Radar (Randonnée pédestre)

Saint-Sylvestre • Lotbinière
Domaine du Radar
Domaine du Radar
Domaine du Radar
Sentier de randonnée
Entrée de sentier
Domaine du Radar
Domaine du Radar
Domaine du Radar
Domaine du Radar
Domaine du Radar
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In a few words

Come climb the Sainte-Marguerite mount, the highest peak of Lotbinière, via our newest hiking trails! Indeed, the Domaine du Radar offers you five trails plus a dedicated track trails for advanced nordic walking that stretch for several kilometers through the forest. Well kept and clearly marked, our trails are for hikers of all abilities. When you climb to the top, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain while taking a few pictures.

The most beautiful panoramic view of the area is waiting for you when you arrive at the top! When the sky is clear, you can see for kilometers around the beautiful and typical landscapes in Chaudière-Appalaches.

Dogs are allowed on leash, remember to bring bags please! Thank you

For Real!

Richard St-Laurent, Domaine du Radar (Randonnée pédestre)

Schedule and prices


Summer : From 9 h to 5 h PM everyday -

Friday and Saturday : 9 h to 8 h PM

Fall and Spring : 9 h to 5 h PM | Friday to Sunday

Winter: 9 h to 4 h PM | Friday to Sunday

Holiday: Open


Complete day and visit of the military remains :

12 year old and over : 5,75 $ tax included

From 5 year old to 11 year old: 3,50$ tax included

Younger than 4 year old: free