Municipalité de Lotbinière

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Église St-Louis de Lotbinière
Quai de Lotbinière
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Quai de Lotbinière
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Chapelle de procession de Saint-Louis

In a few words

Lotbinière is perched on a plateau overlooking the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, and is located midway between Québec City and Trois-Rivières.

Rich in architectural heritage of exceptional quality, it has beautiful old-stone buildings, which are protected under the Cultural Property Act. The municipality has, at its centre, a church dating back to the early 19th century, built according to plans by François Baillargé.

Set on the banks of the Rivière du Chêne is the Moulin du Portage, a former flour mill that reveals traditions of the past and which today serves as a cozy playhouse. Lotbinière's main industry is now agriculture. Discover magnificent dairy farms along with maple sugar products and local products.

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