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Marie-Rachel Brulé

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Foody Nature My discovery of the season, La Maison de Blanche et Zéphirin.
Installed for almost 13 years, this restaurant was unknown to me before. Good. I must believe that he is in the village of Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage, and that I live in Lévis but that's another story!
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé October 18, 2019
Top ideas of autumn flavors
What's more comforting than a hot vegetable soup after a nice fall day playing outside? I have gathered for you, my top favorite places to visit to get good fresh vegetables, or just enjoy a gourmet stop to savor them.
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé October 3, 2019
Foody Nature - Active Nature - Curious Nature An afternoon on the farm!
A beautiful summer day and you do not know what to do? The region is filled with small nuggets to discover. Whether you go a long way or not, there is always a route that fits your schedule.
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé September 16, 2019
Top alcohols ideas of the territory
The Lotbinière region has several alcohol producers on its territory. We also have a tourist course dedicated to them. (Alcohol Route). I gathered for you, my top 5 of the best stops of the summer to discover the alcoholic specialties of here!
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé August 30, 2019
Curious Nature A day to discover the religious heritage of Lotbinière
All along the coastline along Route 132, we find several small villages. At the heart of each of these parishes is an important cultural and historical heritage. This heritage allowed for the creation of a religious heritage circuit to help traveler…
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé August 13, 2019
Curious Nature Under the spell of Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière
A jewel in the region, Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière is once again this year, the number one must-visit place in the region.
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé July 18, 2019
The experience of an evening at the summer theater
On July 2nd, as part of our work as a Mobile Squad for Lotbinière Tourism, my colleague Maëlle and I attended a very special event. In this post, I reveal what it is, and I also share my experience.
Marie-Rachel Brulé
Marie-Rachel Brulé July 9, 2019